US Citizens Ordered Out of Ukraine

The State Department announced on Sunday that families of American diplomatic personnel in Ukraine are being ordered to leave the nation, while select diplomats are being given the option to depart.

This is the latest hint that American officials believe Russia is going to invade Ukraine once more.

The orders come from the top

The permitted and commanded withdrawals followed Secretary of State Antony Blinken’s reassurance that the US and its allies are prepared to fight Russia’s hostile activities in Ukraine.

Authorities were preparing a range of alternatives to respond to potential steps by Moscow, according to Blinken, who added that a diplomatic settlement was the preferred choice.

On CNN’s State of the Nation address, Blinken remarked, “We’re ready anyway. Obviously, the decision is Vladimir Putin’s at this moment,” he said about the Russian government, which attacked Ukraine in 2014.

In making the travel choices for U.S. Embassy people and families in Kyiv, Ukraine’s seat of government, and top State Department officials restated past cautions that Americans should avoid visiting the nation at this time.

Citizens of the United States who are already in Ukraine must think about leaving by commercial planes or other means available, according to the authorities.

Officials refused to provide figures on how many ambassadors and their families would be affected.

They did say, however, that the mission will remain open and the voluntary withdrawal of certain employees (those American workers who don’t fall into the non-emergency categories) wasn’t intended as a dig at the Ukrainian government.

A prominent State Department official claimed the steps “in no way weaken our support for or dedication to Ukraine.”

Russian spies

However, the diplomats expressed concern about Ukraine’s domestic party security, which Russia has attempted to undermine through misinformation and other ways.

The British Foreign Office recently stated it has information that Putin’s government aims to create a pro-Russian administration in Ukraine, while considering military invasion.

Officials from the United States have privately remarked Americans should not expect a rescue effort in Ukraine, akin to that seen in Afghanistan. They also said the scenario in Kabul last August was exceedingly unusual and should not be seen as a precedent.

When Americans travel abroad, they are not compelled to register with the US government and US authorities acknowledged they had no idea how many of those were in Ukraine.

Over the last week, there’s been a frenzy of activity as the Biden government and its European colleagues strive to discourage Russia from invading Ukraine. Russia, meanwhile, has amassed a large military presence along the two nations’ shared border.

Russia is determined to discourage NATO from gathering near its own borders. Putin appears focused on regaining some of the authority and reputation that was squandered when Mikhail Gorbachev disbanded the Soviet Union in December 1991.