The Biden Administration is Setting Us Up for Another 9/11

The 20th commemoration of America’s worst terrorist act has already come and gone this month; however, many of the 9/11 committee’s homeland security suggestions have yet to be put in place.

The Administration Totally Ignores the Border

Those recommended and pressing reforms have been completely disregarded by the Biden government in many instances. The rising crisis at the Mexico border, total shredding of internal border security, and insufficient vetting of Afghan asylum seekers and refugees relocation are all proof of this.

The government’s rash approach endangers homeland security, and it must change course to avert a whole other September 11-style disaster. The national government established a security model in the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks to defend the United States from other assaults.

Moreover, this approach tackled significant flaws in our immigration process, such as border security and management, as well as enforcing and executing immigration policies.

Despite this, the Biden government used executive actions and memos to weaken all of these safeguards. President Biden issued executive powers to halt border wall development, end the “Remain in Mexico” strategy, and suspend asylum collaborations with the Northern Triangle nations during his first year in the White House.

The southern border is as porous as ever, as a consequence of these activities. The number of people apprehended has risen to levels not seen in two decades. People are entering from extra-continental and terror-prone countries.

Some of these people are even on the country’s terror watch list and others have major criminal pasts. Our defeated foes, including the Taliban, ISIS-K, and Al-Qaeda, know that our country’s frontiers are more susceptible than ever.

The government has totally ignored the southern border

Over the last nine months, the government’s risky and politically motivated immigration programs and attitudes have ignored or defied nearly all of the 9/11 commission’s findings. The government refuses to implement and manage immigration rules, which the commission recommends as a second critical priority.

As a result of Biden’s actions, practically all illegal aliens are shielded from prosecution and expulsion. Deportations by Customs and Border Protection reached historic lows in April. The agency’s 6,000 agents made one prosecution every two months on average in May.

Approximately 14 million illegal migrants currently reside in the United States, which mostly the administration is unaware of. Whereas the majority of people do not constitute a security danger, the events of 9/11 show that it only takes a few evil actors to cause tragedy.

Apart from the illegal immigration problem, the government’s management of the Afghan refugee situation accomplishes little to deter terrorism or strengthen public safety, as recommended by the 9/11 commission.

The government’s Afghan resettlement scheme is a massive failure. At least 41,000 Afghans were evacuated to the United States. However, only a small percentage of these people are Special Immigration Visa (SIV) holders who assisted the US Army in any way.

The rest are unidentified people who arrived on the airstrip before the August 31 departure ultimatum.