Biden Administration Suing Georgia Over Protecting Elections

Georgia’s brand new election regulations were enacted early this year. Now, the DOJ is challenging the state in what might be the start of several cases against GOP-led national election changes.

Merrick Garland, the Attorney General of the Biden Administration, Announced the Challenge

Georgia is being sued by the US Department of Justice. According to Garland, the lawsuit contends that recent modifications to Georgia’s election rules were enacted with the intent of denying or interfering with black Georgians’ ability to vote; Garland claims this is happening on the grounds of race or ethnicity, in violation of Law 2 of the Civil Rights Act.

According to several analyses, Georgia had record voter turnout in the 2020 election. In the November election, around two-thirds of eligible voters in the state voted, which is somewhat higher than the national average. Garland continued, saying that this was cause for joy. 

The State of Georgia, however, enacted SB 202 in March of 2021. Garland believes many of the elements of that statute make it more difficult for people to vote. According to the complaint, the state adopted those limits with the intent of denying or restricting the ability to vote based on race.

Democrats Have Not Held Back in their Criticism of the Bill

The new regulations have been compared by President Joe Biden and other Democrats to the discriminatory Jim Crow legislation of the previous century. Nevertheless, Biden and liberals have promoted misleading assertions about voting restrictions (such as polls shutting at 5 p.m. and a prohibition on food and alcohol at polling sites) via their criticisms.

The new regulations did not modify the polling place closing hours on voting day in Georgia, and the existing law states that if a voter is in line by 7 p.m., they must be permitted to vote. Wheras, the new reforms restrict campaigners from giving out promotional material such as bottles of water or food, the law does not bar a poll worker from drinking from unmarked food and water containers.

According to Republican Representative Brian Kemp, Georgians have suffered significant and unfair consequences as a result of the law’s misrepresentation. Major League Baseball withdrew its all-star event and 2021 draft from Atlanta in early April in protest of the vote amendments. Kemp held Biden and Democrat activist Stacey Abrams responsible for the MLB’s decision.

Brian Kemp had said all citizens should fully realize the MLB’s rash decision means the abolish cultures and woke social radicals are coming for every element of our life, including sports. Truth and facts don’t matter if the left doesn’t agree with you.

Kemp stated this assault on Georgia is the direct consequence of Joe Biden and Stacey Abrams’ persistent falsehoods about legislation that expands access to the voter box and protects the security of our elections.