The Biden Administration is Failing – Poll Numbers Plummet

It is of no doubt to conservatives that President Biden is swimming in issues a little over eight months into his presidency. The administration’s issues look to be rising.

These are issues ranging from immigrants and refugees, to foreign affairs, to economics, to the coronavirus outbreak.

The Afganistan Crisis

The most serious dilemma Biden is currently facing derives from his troop withdrawal; this resulted in the deaths of 13 American servicemembers during a bomb attack in Kabul.

Biden was eager to point the finger at others for the failed mission; this is a mission which saw the Taliban gain control of Afghanistan as Afghan government troops fell and US equipment and weapons were captured.

As Americans attempted to escape Afghanistan, the Islamist flag waved over the former US embassy in Kabul; this occurred while the Biden government claimed it successfully evacuated every U.S. resident.

This was incorrect, as Americans rushed to board airplanes and depart the war-torn country via land ways. People wanting to return to America flooded government representatives with calls, claiming the State Department had been useless.

In contrast to United States citizens, specialized immigration visa (SIV) holders, naturalized citizens, and Afghan sympathizers were trapped in the Islamist nation.

This is because the State Department barred refugee aircraft from landing in neighboring countries. Furthermore, the Biden government’s screening procedure has been riddled with errors.

Citizens of the United States or others with connections to the US administration were left behind because thousands of people with no ties to the US were relocated.

Disease epidemics among migrants have occurred as a result of the disorderly retreat, and the government is rushing to resettle them in America.

In yet another embarrassment, the Pentagon just acknowledged a drone strike meant to kill terrorists instead killed innocent civilians.

The Border Crisis

Biden’s government largely ignored the escalating catastrophe at the southern border, where millions of individuals already entered the country illegally this year.

Sexual and physical attacks of unescorted child migrants have been happening at alarming rates in government amenities.

This comes on top of the thousands of people crammed into housing centers amid a global epidemic and the tens of thousands of refugees in a tent city beneath a highway bridge in Del Rio, Texas.

HHS documents obtained by Fox News on Wednesday revealed the bleak reality that some immigrant children suffer. There are 33 cases of “sexual assault” against lone youngsters linked to private contractors working for the federal government.

Furthermore, Biden claims to have toured the border fence, despite the fact he has never done so in his entire career. After years of media attention for skipping a journey down south, Vice President Kamala Harris was charged with tackling the core issues of the migrant influx and flew to the frontier earlier in the year.