Biden Wants to Mandate Vaccination, But Avoids Using the Terminology

The White House is preparing its most vigorous Covid immunization campaign to ever. It is, however, attempting to avoid two words: compulsion and mandate.

Millions Of Government Employees are About to Find themselves Forced to Vaccinate

Thus according to four persons aware of the development, President Joe Biden is expected to issue an order on Thursday forcing approximately two million government employees to receive the shot or get periodic testing.

This would prevent the same kind of top-down edict that Biden has been resisting for weeks in order to limit the infection. However, it would also provide federal government departments the authority to require certain personnel (such as frontline health professionals) to present proof of immunization, as the Veterans Health Administration did this last week.

On Wednesday, federal authorities were completing the policy’s provisions. According to two persons familiar with the conversations, an agency-by-agency response is expected.

While specifics are still being worked out, sources familiar with the discussions said this would act as tremendous motivation for vaccinated children to get immunizations; this would supposedly happen without contradicting the government’s prior statement that it would not enforce a requirement.

The immunization demand would be the latest in a line of steps taken by high-ranking officials, including repeated recommendations for masks, as the Delta variety spreads while schools and businesses prepare to resume.

It comes after Biden was questioned about whether he was doing much to prevent the virus’ comeback and boost vaccination coverage after he claimed victory earlier in the month.

Mask Mandates are on the Table Too

Both the White House and a number of other government organizations, including the Department of State, already have issued orders mandating masks to be worn indoors.

Within the White House, the specifics of the impending statement are being kept under wraps. Several officials from several federal organizations (including the Center for Disease Control and Prevention and the National Institutes of Health) claimed they had no idea the administration was planned a vaccine statement.

A representative for the White House refused to respond. However, if the government goes ahead with new prerequisites, Karine Jean-Pierre, the president’s primary deputy press secretary, told journalists on Wednesday that constraints for non vaccinated staff members could include “strict COVID procedures” such as compulsory mask-wearing and health screenings.

The use of an honor code for immunization status avoids the top-down mandates that conservatives have criticized. However, it may be administered unevenly between organizations.

Two people familiar with the talks said that other agencies (such as the Department of Health and Human Resources and the Department of Defense) are exploring more stringent rules, at least for only certain workers who communicate with customers or citizens.

Biden would have to sign a second authorization requiring COVID-19 shots for army personnel, which two sources aware of the situation say he is reluctant to do.

The Military would thereafter be in charge of determining immunization protocols for the Armed Forces. Active service troops are already required to receive a variety of immunizations, such as an anthrax shot, according to military commanders.

To introduce the COVID-19 vaccinations to that list, Biden will have to claim national security concerns.