Biden Wants to Pay Illegal Immigrants More then 9/11 Victims

The Biden government is rumored to be planning to pay $450,000 per individual to undocumented immigrants split up during the Trump administration. This might surpass the payouts made to some 9/11 victims’ relatives and Gold Star parents.

This must be a joke

The Justice Department, Homeland Security, and Health & Human Services agencies are discussing payouts of $450,000 to all those who entered the country illegally and were divided from relatives, according to the WSJ.

It came as a response to a civil rights case. The rewards might total close to $1 million per family and $1 billion overall, according to the WSJ, but many families will receive smaller amounts.

The revelation sparked immediate criticism from conservatives and former Trump officials. They were outraged by the notion of utilizing government money to convert undocumented immigrants into millionaires.

Critics swiftly pointed out this money would be well-appreciated by the relatives of those who have lost loved ones while serving in the Armed Forces. The death honorarium is a solitary $100,000 tax-free gift.

There is also a life insurance policy, the Servicemember Group Life Insurance (SGLI); although, it is limited to $400,000 and requires service members to contribute.

GOP Rep. Dan Crenshaw drew a distinction between both of the payouts and what is provided to families who have lost family members in the military.

“Biden likes paying illegal aliens $450,000 for their suffering while breaching our rules,” tweeted Texas Republican Rep. Dan Crenshaw, a Navy SEAL veteran. “To put things in perspective, if a servicemember is killed in combat, their family receives a settlement of $400,000. Allow that to sink in.”

There will be hell to pay

On Friday, dozens more conservatives wrote to the chiefs of different agencies, making the same point.


Furthermore, there have been comparisons made to the compensation for 9/11 victims. According to the WSJ, a DHS official expressed concern the payouts may be higher than what some relatives of 9/11 victims got in compensation.

This was roughly $2 million on average, but also much lower in some cases. Other officials allegedly disputed the parallel, claiming the US government was not to blame for 9/11.

Although there is no total cap on the amount that can be awarded under present law, there is a limit of $250,000 for non-economic loss as a result of cancer and $90,000 for non-economic loss not originating from cancer.

The anticipated award for non-economic loss allowed in the fund’s provisions (for instances where a 9/11-related medical problem results in death) is $250,000, plus an extra $100,000 for the person’s widow and each dependent.”

The news, according to House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy, is “another means by which President Biden is putting America last.” McCarthy claimed, “lawyers in Biden’s own government admit settlements to illegal immigrants can be higher than the families of 9/11 victims received.”