Texas Governor Takes the Fight to Biden on Gun Control

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Last week, President Biden announced a slew of executive orders designed to trample on the American people’s Second Amendment rights. 

Since this happened, states have acted on their own to protect the right to bear arms. West Virginia recently passed H.R. 2499; this bill goes into effect on July 1 and slashes taxes for gun owners and manufacturers while also granting tax credits. Other Republicans have also come out strongly against Biden’s anti-gun executive orders. 

“Texas National Guard” (CC BY 2.0) by The National Guard

Yesterday, Texas Republican Governor Greg Abbott talked with Fox News about the importance of the Second Amendment, especially in current times, according to Newsmax

Texas on the Right to Bear Arms

During a Fox News Sunday interview, Governor Abbott explained that President Biden’s executive actions on gun control are wrong and backwards. The Texas GOP governor deemed that it is not acceptable for this current president to take actions to infringe on Second Amendment rights. 

Abbott then stated that Texans and the rest of the nation are more in need than ever of the right to bear arms. This prefaced the Texas Republican explaining that the situation at the Southern border has led to the rise of drug cartels and other issues stemming from Biden’s ineffective policies. 

Finally, the Texas GOP governor stated that Biden ought to focus on slashing gun graft by addressing gun crime complaint backlogs; this is something the Democrat president has yet to do. Instead, Biden has chosen to direct his attentions to banning “ghost guns” and restricting pistol-stabilizing braces. 

State-Level GOP Leadership

If there is one silver lining of the Biden administration, it’s the reveal of just how important Republican leadership at the state level is. 

When Biden eliminated Keystone pipeline earlier this year, multiple GOP state attorney generals brought lawsuits against him. Since the Biden White House has started working with corporations on vaccine passports, several Republican governors have come out against them; Texas has banned vaccine passports in the state, as have Idaho and Florida. 

With Congress under Democrats’ control, Republican state leaders have the power to resist the tyranny of the Biden administration. Now, more than ever, this is imperative for the sake of limited government, individual liberties, and American freedoms. 

Do you agree with Texas Governor Greg Abbott’s censure of Biden’s actions on gun control? Do you think Republican leaders at the state level will ultimately save America from the Biden administration? Let us know down below in the comments section below.