Texas GOP Groups Zing Abbott's Face Mask Mandate

"Greg Abbott, Governor of Texas" (CC BY 2.0) by World Travel & Tourism Council

Varying attitudes and approaches on face mask mandates continue to carry political undertones. While Democrat leaders and even some Republicans have instated mandatory face mask ordinances, the reactions from their bases are very different.
Left-leaning Americans have lauded and praised leaders who choose to mandate face coverings; however, the same cannot be said for conservatives’ response to Republicans that have signed executive orders requiring face coverings. Many right-leaning Americans take issue with government having the power to demand that people cover their faces.

One Republican currently facing significant backlash for mandating face masks is Texas Governor Greg Abbott.
At this time, Abbott is on the receiving end of lawsuits in response to requiring face masks; now, sources confirm that several Texas Republican groups are openly slamming the governor’s decision to require that state residents wear face coverings.

Texas Republicans vs. Gov. Abbott’s Face Mask Mandate

At this time, Texas Republicans spanning across eight various counties have collectively agreed to formally censure Abbott. GOP members in the second-largest state additionally maintain the Texas governor’s mask order goes too far and displays “disregard to the Texas Constitution.”
Abbott’s decision to force bars to shutter while reducing the allowed number of individuals who can congregate are also decisions that have triggered the loss of favor from Texas conservatives.
Different Texas Republican groups furthermore aim to send a clear message to Governor Abbott. In the words of the Ector County Republican Party, Texans refuse to idly sit by as the governor oversteps his jurisdiction “again, again, and again.”

Response from the Texas Governor

In the midst of immense backlash from his own party, Abbott has provided a statement. The Texas governor admitted to the press that he knew “people in various parts” of Texas wouldn’t react pleasantly to his face mask mandate.

Abbott, who previously held off on a statewide mask requirement acknowledged that such a mandate is “inconsistent” with actions he’d typically take.
In the wake of the Texas governor’s mask mandate, eight police sheriffs across the nation have announced their refusals to enforce his order. This marks a growing trend of non-compliance and unwillingness to enforce mandatory face masking.
Despite the pushback from his own party, Abbott has yet to rescind Texas’ statewide mask mandate.
What do you think about the backlash against the Texas governor? Do you believe he should listen to Texas Republicans and do away with mandatory face masks? Let us know down below in the comments section.