Tensions Escalate Over Location for Republican National Convention

"Memorial Day 2020" (Public Domain) by The White House

Typically, the Republican National Convention takes place in Charlotte, North Carolina. This has been a tradition for quite some time; however, since the emergence of coronavirus, North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper has raised questions about whether the state will be open enough to host the convention.

To date, President Trump remains critical over Gov. Cooper’s indecisiveness on this matter. The general election is rapidly approaching and determining the location for this year’s Republican National Convention is becoming more imperative with each passing day.
Yesterday, though, marked a turning point in this matter. On Tuesday, the president informed the North Carolina governor that he has seven days to determine whether or not the GOP should host their convention in the state, reports Fox News.

Trump on the RNC, North Carolina, and More

When speaking with Fox News, the president explained that time is limited for the North Carolina governor to make up his mind. Trump noted that if Cooper doesn’t wish to host the GOP National Convention in North Carolina, he can speak up and say so.
It’s also important to remember that North Carolina isn’t the only option for the Republican National Convention. Thus far, governors in both Georgia and Florida have offered to host the convention in their states; this is a pointer which Trump noted when he announced that “a lot of locations” are interested in the convention.

Thus far, the North Carolina governor is twiddling his thumbs. According to Cooper, he’s still waiting on the Republican National Committee to submit a written proposal about their convention plans. Cooper maintains that this plan will ultimately determine whether or not North Carolina can host the GOP’s convention.
Do you believe that the Republican National Convention will take place in Charlotte, North Carolina this year? Should the GOP be obligated to issue a written statement of their convention plans to Governor Cooper? Let us know in the comments section below!