Tensions Brew Between Biden, Trump Admin. Amid Election Legal Challenges

"President Trump Returns to the White Hou" (Public Domain) by The White House

This week has shown the country that legal challenges in the 2020 presidential election are far from over. Just yesterday, Trump’s lawyers held a press conference where they dropped a series of bombshells about fraud in the 2020 race; furthermore, the legal aides declared Trump as the true 2020 winner, vowing to prove it too.

“White House Hanukkah Reception” (Public Domain) by The White House

Joe Biden’s team, on the other hand, is more than happy to run with the narrative of the 2020 presidential election being over. The former vice president continues to assert himself as the winner of the race and expects to be treated as such; however, the Trump administration in the White House is not playing along.
Newsmax reports that Biden is frustrated with the Trump administration’s refusal to move ahead with the transition process, amid the litigation of the 2020 election.

Joe Biden vs. the Trump Administration

During a media conference, the Democrat presidential candidate spoke about the need to “come together as a country.”
Biden has faced repeated censure for talks of unity while other Democrats mull over placing Trump supporters on lists and demonize the GOP, Trump supporters, etc., as a collective. Biden has yet to condemn these remarks; at this point, it does not appear as though he’s going to.
Underneath all the talks of unity and coming together, Biden just wants the Trump administration to ignore ongoing litigation and proceed with the transition process. However, nothing is certified as of yet and much more litigation lies ahead. For this reason, the Trump administration will not be working on any transition to a Biden administration.
This reality caused the former vice president to lash out. Biden complained yesterday that “a horrible message” is sent by the Trump administration not doing what he wants. Likewise, the former vice president bemoaned the supposed “total irresponsibility” of the current White House.

Rooting Out the Election Fraud

Right now, the 2020 presidential election stays up in the air. Numerous states also remain contested and heavily litigated; for these reasons, the Trump campaign is not assuming that Biden has won this race.
Due to everything that the nation has witnessed, some time will have to pass before we learn who truly won this election. In the meantime, Biden will have to hold his horses. In addition to the Trump administration, the General Services Administration also indicated their refusal to give Biden’s team access and funds for the transition process.
Do you think rooting out election fraud and completing litigation is important before a White House transition process begins? We look forward to getting your thoughts in the comments section below!