Ted Cruz Takes a Stand Against Non-citizens Voting in Washington

Earlier this week, Sen. Ted Cruz presented a bill that would aim to stop non-citizens from voting in Washington D.C., at least as far as local elections go.

The move was done as a response to a recent law that was passed in the US Capitol which would allow immigrants to vote in municipal elections.

Cruz cracks down on Washington voting procedures

In a press conference he’d held, Ted Cruz argued that it’d be absurd to let illegal aliens interfere in our elections, especially seeing as voting is a right reserved for American citizens.

This means the practice would be unconstitutional on top of everything else.

Voting is a privilege that we have as Americans; having someone else weigh in on who’s going to lead this country shouldn’t even be up for discussion.

Cruz added that letting illegal aliens vote in our elections practically degrades the value of every American’s vote, especially now that they’d matter more than ever, seeing as illegals are probably the only ones to support Biden in the coming elections.

The bill is currently co-sponsored by several other Senate members, including John Kennedy, Steve Daines, J.D. Vance, and Rick Scott; it’s currently being held in the House of Representatives by Chip Roy.

The Washington legislation, on the other hand, was already passed in October last year, with a 12-1 vote; the city’s mayor, Muriel Bowser, allowed it to pass without even signing it.

Stepping all over American values

James Comer chimed in on the situation, explaining the D.C. Council’s decision will infringe on the voting rights of American citizens and is, in and of itself, a direct attack on the very foundation of this country.

Apart from being unconstitutional, the move will only strengthen the border crisis we’ve been experiencing ever since Biden was signed into office. Foreign enemies will actually gain more power by being able to influence this country’s leadership.

Essentially, the Washington bill would make it possible for any non-citizen residents of the Columbia District to vote in mayoral elections, as well as those for school committee members.

In fact, non-citizens only need to pass a 30-day residency requirement to gain the right to vote; it’s practically spitting in the face of every law-abiding hard-working American.

Head of government relations R.J. Hauman blasted the D.C. Council’s move, claiming our right to vote is sacred and it symbolizes what it means to be a citizen of the US.

He went on to liken the move to the left’s effort to blur the line between American citizens and non-citizens, which is an idea the liberals have been pushing for a while now.

Naturally, several other left-leaning cities announced they’ll be following in Washington’s footsteps when it comes to non-citizen voting, along with the state of Connecticut.

There, Democratic Rep. Juan Candelaria introduced a bill that allows illegal immigrants to vote in city and state elections.

This article appeared in The Record Daily and has been published here with permission.