Ted Cruz Swarmed by Protesters at LAX Airport

Over the course of the Trump presidency, the radical left has become more violent and unhinged as they realize that impeachment is never going to happen. The success of various conservative policies has also angered progressives so much that they feel emboldened to go after conservative public figures and their family members.

This has happened to Eric Trump, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and his wife, former WH press secretary Sarah Sanders, and so many others. Make no mistake; the left has no problem harassing individuals they disagree with, but if the president tweets something controversial, all of a sudden, progressives become arbiters of right and wrong.

The Daily Caller News Foundation reports that Sen. Ted Cruz is the latest conservative to be publicly accosted by progressives. On Sunday, progressives swarmed Cruz and demanded that he changed his stance on immigration policies and the existence of detention centers along the Southern border.

A Closer Look at the Incident at LAX Airport

In modern era, the ability to capture public scenes is quite literally at anyone’s fingertips. As protesters harassed Cruz, they urged him to “free the kids.” Furthermore, Voto Latino, a progressive activist group, shared a tweet of events which transpired.

The tweet stated that individuals who support policies which progressives don’t like “don’t get to be comfortable in public.” In the video, Cruz can be seen simply looking on as protesters chant.

The video footage was immediately slammed by Twitter users. Multiple individuals criticized the footage, stating that the optics for protesters didn’t look very good. Others stated that swarming Cruz in this manner will actually backfire on Democrats politically.

See some of the responses for yourself:


The Attempted Normalization of Political Harassment

As seen in the footage caption, progressives truly have no qualms about harassing politicians whom they dislike. They might want to be careful, however, because the notion that individuals who disagree politically shouldn’t be comfortable in public can go both ways. It’s really unfortunate that progressives, in their descent to radicalism, are unable to understand that policy differences do not justify the mistreatment of individuals on the opposite side of the aisle.

Ultimately, the protests at LAX airport changed nothing. Cruz is still a senator, the situations at the border are still underway, and the rabid protesters had to return to their miserable lives after they finished making a scene.

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