Target Supports Shutting Down of Mt. Rushmore and U.S. Demilitarization

Target Corporation claimed it increased its efforts to focus on inclusiveness, equity, and diversity, following the violence and demonstrations against the killing of George Floyd in 2020.

This objective went far beyond improving the outside and internal representation of traditionally disadvantaged populations and supporting them. It even included financing groups with overtly political and far-left agendas.

Target Goes Woke

Target “accelerated” its DEI initiative as a reaction to the Black Lives Matter movement under the direction of Kiera Fernandez, their diversity chief.

To address the alleged structural racism in America, the leader has urged “white women” to start working to fight racism.

Fox News Digital discovered that Target, through its nonprofit organization, run by the supermarket giant’s senior corporate treasurers, financed a grantee pushing to close and donate Mount Rushmore and other similar lands.

They believe it to be an global representation of white supremacy and also aim to demilitarize the “violent” military of the United States.

The same grantee also advocates for destroying Israel’s Jewish identity by enforcing the so-called “Law of Return” for the Palestinians and using economic warfare strategies towards the Jewish state.

This includes boycotts of goods and restrictions in order to “Free Palestine.”

According to a grantee of the Target Foundation, guardians of “white children” must teach them about institutional racism and how to “see color.” Additionally, it contended that capitalism plays a part in maintaining racism.

The NDN Collective, a South Dakota-based charity with an income source upwards of $50M+, based on its 2021 tax filing, was supported by the Target Foundation in 2022, in correspondence with the organization’s website.

NDN has been devoted to fostering Indigenous strength through arrangements, advocacy, and charitable giving, operating with a “racial equity lens.”

Target is Race Obsessed

NDN describes itself as “intersectional,” a term originated by Kimberlé Crenshaw, a critical race theorist.

Crenshaw claimed America was born with inherently racist, misogynistic structures and these systems may intersect upon a person to create several layers of persecution.