Target Employee Demands That White Women Stand Up to Racism

A diversity executive at Target Corporation urged “white women” to start working to fight what she claimed was institutional racism in America.

This happened while also mentioning the retail behemoth was implementing some internal changes, based on projections of changing demographics.

Target Goes Woke

Kiera Fernandez, chief diversity and inclusion officer at Target, stated in a video discussion with Essence Magazine in January that being black every day of their lives is exceptionally difficult.

Target increased its DEI initiatives, especially since George Floyd’s passing in 2020.

To quickly “accelerate” those efforts, Target founded the Racial Equity Action and Change, which is overseen by Fernandez. The task force aims to increase black employee hiring and promotions while also attracting black customers to retail establishments.

The retail behemoth also pledged to significantly raise the 50% of black employees in its workforce.

By 2025 they plan to spend an excess of $2 billion on black-owned companies.

In July 2022, Fernandez said Target already boosted their investments with black-owned businesses and vendors – encompassing marketing agencies, building businesses, facilities maintenance, and others – by 50% since 2020.

She stated in a 2021 discussion from Twin Cities’ DEI Business Talks that it’s vital the seeds are sown for future generations.

Fernandez continued by claiming it was the responsibility of “white women” to point out “transgressions.”

She says using your voice and applying DEI teachings is the biggest thing she would advise white women to do so women of color in the room need not always do this.

Fernandez then singled out a white panelist and claimed in the workplace, her perspective would be given greater weight because of her color.

Target Employee Calls Out White Women

Fernandez thinks there are areas where white women will go where their voices are heard differently from women of color. She claims that is the reason they are working on this and why having this conversation is so crucial.