Suspect Ends Chase By Breakdancing With Police Guns Drawn

Most people are aware that car chases involving police officers and civilians rarely end well…or rather, they rarely end in the manner which the civilians being chased want. Nine times out of ten, the civilian winds up being apprehended by law enforcement and faces additional charges or penalties since they chose to flee from the law.

Nevertheless, there are still certain individuals who attempt to outrun police officers. On Wednesday, this occurred in California when law enforcement was roped into a car chase with an individual who wouldn’t stop driving, despite their request; The Daily Caller News Foundation reports.

Everything You Need to Know about What Happened

Unlike the movies, the car chase did not involve the civilian zooming down the streets at 90 miles per hour while blaring police cars zoom after him. Interestingly enough, the car chase was slow, with the civilian driver never going over 60 miles per hour. At one point, the driver being pursued slowed down his car speed to 20 miles per hour.

At this time, it is unknown why the civilian did not simply pull over when the authorities asked him to. Generally, people who are running away from law enforcement attempt to actually get away. However, the civilian also did something else which was unexpected and unusual. At some point in the chase, after the police managed to employ a Pursuit Intervention Technique against the civilian, he got out of the car.

Rather than running, as one might expect, the civilian began breakdancing. Mind you, this took place as police officers pointed guns in his direction. This seemed to have no bearing or weight over the dancing man. Finally,  when the breakdance reached its conclusion, law enforcement moved in and promptly apprehended the civilian.


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