Support for Trump Grows Ahead of Possible Indictment

Many participants at Donald Trump’s Waco, Texas campaign event told Fox News that his prospects of winning reelection would increase if he were to be indicted on criminal charges.

Support for Trump

At Trump’s first significant campaign event for his 2024 candidacy, Tanya said to Fox News on Saturday that if he’s indicted, it would cement the deal and Trump would be voted in as the next president.

Janine, a participant at the event from Georgetown, Texas, said to Fox News that Trump would be seen as a martyr and this would work in his favor.

On Saturday, scores of Trump fans descended upon an airstrip in Central Texas to attend the event, in which the former president made a triumphant entrance in a Boeing 757 owned by the Trump Organization.

Despite the fact grand jury processes have proceeded without an indictment, Trump stated on March 18th that he anticipated being detained the following week in relation to an official investigation.

According to accusations that Trump compensated his then-lawyer, Michael Cohen, for having paid adult movie actress Stormy Daniels $130,000 over a rumored sexual encounter with Trump, Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg has been looking into the matter.

Trump described the inquiry as an instance of Democrats using the legal system as a weapon during the campaign. Melanie, who was present at the event on Saturday, expressed the opinion that Trump’s chances of being arrested would increase in 2024.

She told Fox News she thinks that will boost Trump’s chances. More individuals are going to discover it and come to the conclusion that he is innocent.

Even Democrats are Supporting Trump

Mark, from Central Texas, anticipated some Democrats would be convinced to support the troubled Republican if he were imprisoned. He told Fox News that even Democrats are going to support Trump if he’s made to do a perp walk.