Steve Bannon Speaks Up About Joe Biden’s Attack on Christianity

With what could probably be considered the worst timing possible, Biden’s team of corrupt officials decided to cancel Catholic Services at the Walter Reed Military Center in the middle of Holy Week.

This upset Christian communities across the nation, seeing as it’s the most important 7-day period in the calendar for them. Yet, the Medical Center issued a cease and desist to the Franciscan priests officiating at the Holy Name College.

Bannon explains how Chris Wray, Merrick Garland are evil to their core

With this, many of the hospital’s Catholic patients will no longer have access to religious services or ministering to their spiritual needs, sending a message about just how anti-Christian Joe’s agenda really is.

This change is a clear violation of our First Amendment rights to Free Exercise of Religion; although it didn’t exactly come as a surprise, as Joe’s been violating the 1st and 2nd Amendments ever since he was signed into office.

The Archdiocese for Military Services was promptly replaced by a secular contractor; albeit one who can’t begin to provide the Catholic services that were part of the original contract with the Walter Reed Military Medical Center.

The contract itself was terminated on March 31st, resulting in a lack of adequate pastoral care for all of the patients of the center. To make matters worse, it happened in the middle of Holy Week.

Currently, there’s a single Catholic Army chaplain at the Walter Reed Medical Center and he’s currently in the midst of separating from the Army.

Joe’s anti-Christian agenda continues

Steve Bannon made an appearance on the War Room to discuss Joe’s relentless attack on Christianity in the US, with Bannon sharing his involvement in the creation of St. Joseph’s church in Richmond.

He went on to praise the community of conservatives that helped make it all possible, adding that the MAGA crowd is some of the most humble, patriotic, and devout Americans he’s ever met.

Bannon stopped to criticize Wray and Garland for going after conservatives and targeting conservative communities, claiming them to be pure, unadulterated evil.

While it remains unclear just how long Joe’s anti-Christian agenda will persist, the FBI made it clear that they’re very much against anyone exhibiting their freedoms, whether it’s speech or religious expression.

This article appeared in The Record Daily and has been published here with permission.