Stacey Abrams Conveniently Forgets the Obama Administration Put Kids in Cages

More and more Democrats appear to have selective amnesia as it pertains to certain policies and actions carried out by their own party. This pattern was evidenced by Georgia Democrat Stacey Abrams during her attacks on President Trump and his administration, reports Townhall.

Stacey Abrams on the Trump Administration

On Tuesday, Abrams went after the Trump administration and the policies which they enforce at the Southern border. One of her central talking points alleged that the current administration is inhumane towards illegal immigrants who attempt to unlawfully enter the United States. Abrams furthermore claimed that walls don’t work and that other presidential administrations, such as the Reagan administration and the Obama administration, understood this.
Throughout Abrams’ feigned moral outrage over the Trump administration’s management at the border, she interestingly enough forgot that the Obama administration placed migrant children in cages. This occurred in 2014 when migrant children lacked parents and were held in detention centers.
Border patrol agents provided accounts of what happened at that time:

“We have aliens sleeping all over the floor and they told us to probably expect another thousand over the next week, week and a half.”

Where was Abrams’ outrage when migrant children were sleeping on floors and foil sheets during President Obama’s time in office?
What do you think about Abrams’ interesting memory lapse regarding the immigration policies when Obama was in office? Share your viewpoints with us in the comments section below!
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