Stacey Abrams Claimed Voter Suppression Is Legal In Speech To DNC Members

On Friday, Democrat and unsuccessful Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams delivered some very shocking and untrue statements about voter suppression in the United States.

Reviewing Abrams’ Remarks

Abrams’ statements about voter suppression occurred during her speech to Washington, D.C.-based Democrats. Her remarks are as follows:

“Here’s the thing about voter suppression: Voter suppression is legal in the United States right now. We’re used to fighting against enemies that are supposed to be unlawful, but the problem with a lot of what they do is they take legal actions and bastardize them and manipulate them until the rights they are supposed to protect are no longer visible.”

Abrams then proceeded to allege that black Americans are disproportionately affected by so-called legal voter suppression:

“What we do know is that in the state of Georgia, four black men and women stood in line for four hours to cast a vote. That’s a poll tax. When you have to sacrifice four hours of work on the off-chance that you make it through and get to cast a ballot, that’s a poll tax.”

Voter suppression is not legal in the United States. Abrams knows this and it’s unfortunate that she is peddling mistruths in order to incite certain factions of the left-wing and promote a certain narrative. While losing to Brian Kemp was no doubt upsetting to Abrams, she has no right to lie about what’s legal in America and what’s not.


What do you think about Abrams’ lies as they pertain to voter suppression in the United States? Let us know your takeaways in the comments section below!

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