Sports Star Arrested For Horrific Crime Against His Wife. The Details Will Make You Sick!

Mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter Josh Copeland is currently in a considerable amount of hot water following reports of domestic violence against his wife earlier this month, according to The Daily Caller New Foundation.

What Happened?

Copeland allegedly struck his wife across the face in front of their child. Although the MMA fighter’s wife is said to have repeatedly hit him as well, Copeland also reportedly took his wife’s cell phone in order to prevent her from alerting the authorities.

As a result of Copeland’s alleged conduct, he is currently facing charges of child abuse, second-degree assault, and obstruction. Since the incident, his wife has been transported to the hospital for immediate medical care; she had cuts, blood, and bruises on her face.

The Professional Fighters League (PFL) has also taken action against Copeland. Following his arrest, the league issued the following public statement:

“The PFL has zero tolerance for matters involving domestic violence. Per our company policy, following his arrest, Josh Copeland has been suspended indefinitely.”

The Moral of the Story

The moral of this unfortunate story is that domestic violence is not acceptable. It’s unacceptable for men to hit women. It’s also equally as unacceptable for women to hit men. Settling disputes and disagreements with words instead of violence is something which should always occur.


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