Speculations Arise on Who is Funding Rioters

"Sit-down with ABC’s David Muir - Wilming" (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0) by Biden For President

For virtually the entire summer, reports of riots, looting, and other forms of thuggery remained ongoing. Whether in Portland, Kenosha, or Seattle, to say that certain leftist-controlled communities are in big trouble would be a major understatement.
As the riots continue, Americans are noting that many of the violent demonstrations appear meticulous and organized. Furthermore, there are reports of certain rioters arriving from other cities; many of the demonstrators partaking in looting, arson, and vandalism are also coming with attire to conceal their identity and do the most harm.

In light of the consistent rioting, some Americans are now beginning to ask who is funding these rioters. President Trump himself has some thoughts on this matter, according to Fox News.

Who is Funding the Left-wing Mob?

When the president participated in a sitdown-interview with Laura Ingraham of Fox News, he covered a series of important matters facing this nation right now. One of those important matters includes riots.
Yesterday, Trump confirmed that he believes “some very stupid rich people” are funding leftist rioters. The president cited the final night of the GOP National Convention as an example, noting that many opposition rioters were dressed head-to-toe in dark, black uniforms in addition to “gear and this and that.”
Trump explained that rioters were additionally flown into Washington D.C. on the fourth night of the Republican National Convention to “do big damage.” Finally, the president informed that if the “very stupid rich people” ever got their way, the outcome would result in them being “thrown to the wolves like you’ve never seen before.”

Trump on Black Lives Matter

During the president’s interview with Laura Ingraham, he also weighed in on Black Lives Matter. Black Lives Matter has participated in countless riots, called for the deaths of police officers, and Trump pointed this out.

The president ultimately slammed Black Lives Matter as a “Marxist organization,” stating that it’s bad for black Americans and everyone else. Trump’s assessment arrives as Black Lives Matter has led the push to defund and abolish law enforcement.
Certain questions have also come up about who is funding Black Lives Matter, especially over the course of the political unrest this summer.
Who do you think is bankrolling leftist rioters across the country? Do you believe that Black Lives Matter is a Marxist organization? Let us know your views in the comments section down below!