Special Counsel Hasn’t Started Investigation into Biden’s Classified Documents

Red State revealed when a DOJ-led inspection of Joe Biden’s Delaware residence turned up additional illegally held secret materials on Saturday, the newest scandal took a significant turn.

Although there’s no doubt the situation has gotten worse, it’s now being said that Robert Hur, the special counsel hired to look into the president, hasn’t even started the inquiry.

Questions Left Unanswered

Instead, U.S. Attorney John Lausch was in charge of the search. Sincerely, I have no idea how this is possible.

As important concerns about the case have been left unanswered, the White House won’t mention whether President Biden will meet with the team of special counsel Robert Hur to discuss sensitive records discovered at his Wilmington, Delaware residence and former DC office.

While sitting in the Oval Office close to Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte, Biden appeared to hear, but did not respond to, a reporter’s inquiry about a prospective interview.

Shortly after, White House spokesperson Ian Sams flatly refused to commit to having Biden individually describe his actions to investigators.

Merrick Garland asserts that Hur’s appointment was not a hasty one and the strategy was already in place when the official announcement was issued on January 12, 2023.

Nevertheless, the special counsel is utterly absent from the investigation while more records, some of which date back to Biden’s time in the US Senate, are discovered.

Does that make any sense at all? If Hur wasn’t prepared to assume control of what was plainly a very fluid, continuing situation, what was the purpose of having him on board?

There is strong proof of criminal intent on the table right now, thanks to recently discovered records from the president’s time serving in the Senate.

In theory, given the purported isolation from the larger, politically appointed-led DOJ, this is the time when the special counsel is most required.

Hur should be able to assume operational management within ten days, even if he must first direct and supervise events while building his staff. There are some strong warning signs that he has not yet done this. How important is this special counsel, exactly?

Hur was called in as cover while the DOJ attempted to wind things down, or did he ever want to undertake a full-fledged investigation?

It has been said from the start that some people think the special counsel is just there to sign off on Biden’s vindication. Garland appears to be uninvolved when the conclusion is still all but certain because of this.

I’m even more certain of that now after learning Hur is watching as the situation worsens from the sidelines.

DOJ Doesn’t Take Issue Seriously

The DOJ isn’t committed to treating Biden’s criminal activity fairly and seriously. They simply wish for this to go away, but the president’s stupid decision to maintain sensitive information from his time as a senator has complicated their plans.