South Korea Defends Against North Korean Drone Raid

(Social media footage snapshot)

On Monday, the South Korea military released warning shots that sent fighter jets on red alert and dispatched surveillance assets all over the heavily guarded border.

South Korea’s military movement took place after a North Korean drone crossed the heavily-fortified border for the first time in half a decade.

Increased Tensions between North and South Korea

In an unprecedented move hinting at increased tensions, South Korea’s Joint Chiefs of Staff reported five drones crossing the border from North Korea. One drone reportedly traveled deep into the northern region of its capital.

In response to this aerial intrusion, the South Korean military reacted by releasing warning shots, attack helicopters, and fighter jets to bring down the drones released by North Korea.

A barrage of 100 rounds was fired from the choppers, but it’s still unknown if any damage was inflicted upon the drones released by North Korea.

According to the Defense Ministry of South Korea, no prompt reports of civilian damage were reported.

Tensions on the Korean peninsula escalated dramatically this week as North Korea launched two ballistic missiles and sent several drones across the border in protest of joint South Korean-U.S. air drills, which North Korea deems an act of aggression.

This marks a dangerous turn for already strained relations between these neighboring countries.

Amid heightened tensions between South Korea and its neighbors, a KA-1 military aircraft was lost during takeoff on Monday.

Fortunately for the two pilots involved in the incident, both were successfully ejected from the plane before it crashed. In response to this incident, civilian airports within range of Seoul temporarily suspended their takeoffs as requested by defense officials.

South Korean Major General: They Will Respond Resolutely Against North Korea

Major General Lee Seung-o told reporters that their military would resolutely and thoroughly respond to these types of provocations from North Korea.

The public confirmation of activities from South Korea is highly unlikely as it reflects a determination by the conservative administration led by South Korea’s President Yoon Suk Yeol to boost their shield.

The South Korean government’s public acknowledgment of espionage operations within North Korea is rare and likely reflects the current administration’s hardline stance towards North Korean aggression.

It is possible that this revelation may prompt further confrontational actions or demonstrations of military power from North Korea, according to some experts.

This marks the first instance of North Korean drones entering South Korean airspace since 2017, when a crashed drone suspected to be of North Korean origin was discovered in South Korea.

The military officials of South Korea stated the drone, equipped with a Sony camera, had taken pictures of a U.S. system for missile defense situated in the country.

South Korean military officials claim that the whirr with a Sony-made camera photographed a U.S. missile defense system in South Korea.

This article appeared in Right Wing Insider and has been published here with permission.