South Dakota Rejects Unemployment Aid for Federal Gov't

"Black Hills, South Dakota" (Public Domain) by sbmeaper1

Many states across the nation are continuing to wrestle with high unemployment numbers and dismal economies. Much of this can be attributed to recent shutdowns imposed upon businesses, even as coronavirus cases, hospitalizations, and deaths are witnessing declines.
Many states’ poor economies have caused them to seek federal bailout money from the government; however, South Dakota continues to be an exception to the rule. Unlike most states across the nation, South Dakota did not issue sweeping lockdown orders or draconian mask mandates.

Because South Dakota responded to coronavirus without infringing upon their citizens’ liberties, the state’s economy is much better off than its counterparts.
In fact, South Dakota is doing so well that they do not need unemployment aid from the federal government, confirms Breitbart News.

A Closer Inspection of South Dakota’s Economy

Last week, Kristi Noem, South Dakota’s governor, released a public statement. In this account, Noem explained that her state does not require joblessness assistance from the federal government due to the recovery of “nearly 80% of our job losses.”
Governor Noem also went on to note that South Dakota’s economy never shut down; furthermore, the state enjoys an “insured unemployment rate” that is the lowest in America.

After noting the success of South Dakota’s businesses and employment, the governor praised President Trump’s leadership and mitigation strategies against coronavirus.
The success of South Dakota marks a stark contrast from other states like California that are literally begging the federal government for bailout funding.
Governors that have chosen to deplete their economies via shutdowns also maintain that they’re struggling to provide unemployment aid to their own residents without assistance from the federal government.

Restoring Jobs to America

In many regards, South Dakota is leading the nation in the quest to restore jobs, opportunties, and hope to Americans. Governor Noem has regularly worked with the White House and convened with White House officials throughout the battle against COVID-19.

All-in-all, the South Dakota governor maintains that “trusting [her] people” and not issuing draconian government mandates are notable factors in the state’s economic success.
Moreover, South Dakota also has notably lower numbers of COVID-19 cases and deaths than other states; this includes states that have taken the polar opposite approach to coronavirus, issuing lockdowns and mandatory face mask edicts.
What do you think about the South Dakota governor’s response to the virus? Are you surprised to learn that the state doesn’t need unemployment aid from the federal government? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!