South Dakota Governor Releases "State of the State" Address

"Kristi Noem" (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Gage Skidmore

South Dakota’s management of COVID-19 put the state under a microscope last year. Unlike many other states, South Dakota did not opt to instate draconian mask mandates, nor did it devastate the economy with shutdowns.

“Kristi Noem” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Gage Skidmore

Many Democrats spoke out against South Dakota’s management of coronavirus; yet, the state continues to experience record lows of the virus with very few hospitalizations. Kristi Noem, the Republican governor of South Dakota, has maintained that her approach to COVID-19 engendered both short-term and long-term positive impacts.
Yesterday, Governor Noem delivered a State of the State address where she expanded upon these points, per Breitbart News.

The State of South Dakota

In Pierre, South Dakota, the Republican governor vowed that her state would remain open, so long as she’s in her current position. Noem additionally noted the importance of strong families, workforces, and communities. The South Dakota governor’s State of the State address arrived on a positive note, due to the state’s actions over the past almost-year.

Governor Noem appeared certain and optimistic while addressing South Dakotans. She also noted that unlike other states (such as New York and California) South Dakota didn’t micromanage or shut down its people; as a result of this, many Americans from states that went on lockdown in 2020 actually fled to South Dakota to escape oppressive edicts.
The GOP governor’s State of the State address contrasted with the negative and downtrodden addresses that her counterparts delivered in Democrat-run states.

The Future of South Dakota

Governor Noem has consistently maintained that her state will not follow the leads of others regarding mask mandates and shutdowns. Even states like New York that went into shutdown mode for months are now beginning to concede that this can’t go on.

The governor of South Dakota acknowledged yesterday the ways in which her leadership has benefited her state’s residents. Right now, South Dakota is the number one state for U.S. veterans to live and work. Likewise, Governor Noem is focused on civic education initiatives, opening up new avenues for adoption/foster care, and much more.
In the recent week, Noem’s name has also come up on the list of possible 2024 presidential candidates. The South Dakota governor’s management of COVID-19 ultimately earned her the favor and respect of many conservatives.
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