South Carolinians Protest Against Face Mask Mandate

"Charleston, South Carolina" (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0) by Jasperdo

Face mask mandates are facing rising resentment and pushback. While many Americans are more than happy to use their face coverings day in and day out, others have serious objections against doing this.
Mental health reasons are an issue for certain Americans, as are physical health complications, personal disagreements, religious, medical, and philosophical objections. Over the past several months, face mask mandates have become increasingly more draconian.

As politicians and health officials work to force people into face masks whether they like it or not, resistance is surging.
Just yesterday, protesters gathered at Waterfront Park in Charleston, South Carolina to demonstrate against the local requirement for residents to don face coverings, confirms sources.

What to Know About the Mask Protest at Charleston’s Waterfront Park

On Saturday, protesters in Charleston convened at Waterfront Park to peacefully demonstrate against a local face mask requirement. Yesterday’s protest against mandatory face masks arrived after one day of a new vote from the Charleston City Council.
The city council ultimately determined that Charleston residents can be fined $100 dollars for failing to wear a face mask in public; this fine can be handed out on the first offense, scrapping a previous requirement for local authorities to first issue a verbal warning.

Elizabeth Udy put together the peaceful protest and pointed out hypocrisy within the locality’s mandate.
Udy noted that residents are permitted to smoke without wearing a face mask, yet must wear a mask while partaking in exercise, even when exercising outdoors. As such, Udy questioned the pretense that Charleston’s face mask mandate is about “safety” and public health.

Police Presence at the Protest and More

During the peaceful protest at Charleston’s Waterfront Park, demonstrators spoke with several police officers. Protesters did not wear masks, but did have food and drinks on their person. This ultimately prevented attendees from being hit with fines for not wearing face masks; Charleston residents are not required to don masks while eating or drinking.
News about the latest demonstration against face mask mandates arrives at the same time as forced vaccination in Virginia.
Dr. Norman Oliver of the Virginia Health Commission announced his impending requirement for all Virginia residents to get a COVID-19 vaccine. Furthermore, Oliver is actively opposing a bill that would grant Virginians religious exemptions from his vaccine mandate.

Like this weekend’s protesters at Waterfront Park, many Americans take issue with face mask mandates. Others have warned that mandates for people to wear face masks will soon transform into mandates for a coronavirus vaccine; as seen in Virginia, health officials are already rapidly moving to force COVID-19 vaccines upon the general public.
What do you think about the protest against mandatory face masks in Charleston, South Carolina? Did you also know that Virginia’s Commissioner of Health plans to implement a statewide mandate for the coronavirus vaccine? Be sure to let us know in the comments section below!