Soros Prosecutor in Deep Trouble Over Lethal Neglect of Duty

In a rowdy media briefing, Kim Gardner, the disgraced Democratic lawyer in St. Louis, denounced Andrew Bailey’s attempt to have her removed from office as a “political ploy.”

The Consequesnes of Incompitence

Bailey had attempted to remove Gardner from her position hours ago because of carelessness that enabled a serial offender with numerous bail infractions to seriously harm a girl, Janae Edmondson, in a car accident.

As a consequence, Edmondson’s limbs had to be removed. Gardner reacted angrily with Bailey, said she would oppose the action, and implied Bailey was acting with ulterior political goals.

She claimed the state attorney and many others were using the horrible event that happened to this young woman as a propaganda gimmick for an unelected person. It is merely voter suppression, which has been observed both nationally and in Missouri.

Gardner acknowledged they “should have done better” in this situation, but she stood by her department and herself.

“Although it’s true my department could have performed better, she asserted that to claim that we did nothing would be both false and deliberately ignorant of the realities of our legal system.”

“While acknowledging that politics would always be there,” she continued, “my office will once again concentrate on the significant work that the residents of the city of St. Louis voted me to undertake.”

Gardner also suggested that race may be involved in the debate.

“In spite of the hatred, the hate, the racist insults, and the well-known exploitation of the legal system to ensure the failure of her department,” she declared, “we’re going to work very strongly for fairness.”

Bailey submitted an application of quo warranto, which is a legal procedure within California law that authorizes the AG to dismiss a prosecutor who disobeys their responsibilities, hours ago after offering Gardner a deadline to quit or be removed.

Bailey will have to persuade the judge that Gardner should be fired for failing to perform her duties.

The Case Against Gardner

According to Jason Hall, Head of Greater St. Louis Inc., that region’s leading business association, “the continued failings of the Circuit Attorney general’s office — with respect to the person charged with this matter, in addition to the list of other crimes that haven’t been punished — are absolutely unforgivable.”

Gardner is “grossly unsuitable to maintain her post,” according to Missouri Senate President Pro Tem Caleb Rowden, who also called Gardner “inept.”

The prosecutor supported by Soros, according to Democratic St. Louis Mayor Tishaura O. Jones, “damaged the trust of citizens.”

In a letter released on Wednesday, Gardner made an effort to shift responsibility/

“Prosecutors are not the only ones responsible for choices and bond breaches. Prosecutors requested bigger bonds multiple times in this case, but those requests were turned down.”