Socialists Hijacking Democrat Party Amidst AOC-Pelosi Feud, Says McCarthy

The infighting which remains underway on within the Democrat Party has not gone unnoticed. Americans are always watching and the manner in which various Democrats have chosen to go after one another certainly speaks volumes. At the root of issues within the party is an ideological divide between progressives and moderates, a divide which has maintained for quite some time now. The longer it goes on, the more it worsens, and people are beginning to weigh in.

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarty is one of the Americans who has remained up to date regarding the Democrat Party. This makes sense; he is, after all, a congressional leader. Last night, McCarthy appeared on Fox News‘ The Ingraham Angle in order to share his views on the Democrats. He also spoke about the party, as a whole, and the various dynamics and shifts which presently exist.

What Does McCarthy Think of the Democrat Party?

In a nutshell, McCarty maintains that Democrats have been utterly usurped by radical socialists within their party. This assessment appears after Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez accused House Speaker Nancy Pelosi of racism. That accusation came after Pelosi criticized certain freshmen congress members who have a tendency to mouth off via Twitter and make flagrantly obscene statements. Also, Democrat presidential candidates Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders are currently duking it out with one another regarding the best strategy to defeat President Trump.

All of this and more contributed to McCarthy’s following statements:

“This is internal war. This isn’t a family feud, this is beyond what anyone thinks, They’re challenging these Democrats in primaries. The socialist Democrats are taking over. Not only are they taking over the party, they’re going to take on any Democrat in that process as well.”

The Rise of Socialis Amongst the Democrats

The play of socialism amongst the left-wing is very clear: go as far left as humanly possible and anyone who objects is a racist. We’ve already seen Democrats play the race card with Republicans and conservatives; only now, the left is doing it towards any members of their party with more moderate and centrist leanings. They don’t appear to believe that moderatism or centrism are winning strategies, even in a general election.

Quite frankly, watching the Democrats tear one another apart has been interesting. It shows the division of the left-wing and their lack of fitness to serve as American leaders. Any party which backs reparations, a Green New Deal, booting hardworking people off their private healthcare, etc is a party in serious peril. Moderate Democrats seem to be getting rarer and less capable of standing up to the radicals representing their collective party.

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