Small Business Owners Sound the Alarm About New Unemployment Benefits

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Unemployment benefits have reached a point where they’re now harming people, rather than helping people.

Labor shortages are a great, prime example. Across the nation, so many businesses have signs up indicating that they’re hiring; normally, this would be great news, however, unemployment benefits are actually discouraging people from going back to work. 

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Small businesses, in particular, are hit hard by this. Without finding the right workers, these companies are likelier to go under. In the U.S. economy, small businesses provide immense contributions in so many ways. 

Unfortunately, many Democrat-run states, such as California, are increasing unemployment benefits, rather than moving to get Americans back to work. This is why small business owners are having so much trouble, as Fox News explains. 

Small Business Owners on Labor Shortages and Unemployment Aid

Yesterday, California Democrat Governor Gavin Newsom informed that his state will ramp up unemployment benefits amid labor shortages and more.

Newsom did not explain the adverse impact that this will have on small businesses and other establishments looking to hire; the California governor furthermore appeared oblivious to the reckless spending associated with increasing unemployment at such a time as this. 

Business owners in the Golden State had plenty to say, however, during conversations with Fox News. Pam Nusser, a small business owner, explained that her establishment has kept up hiring signs for months on end; responses are rare and even those who do respond to these opportunities don’t show up for their interviews. 

Nusser ultimately explained that many potential hires seek cash under the table or extremely high hourly rates. Additional pointers from Nusser confirm that she and other small business owners aren’t able to “compete with the government.” 

Driving Small Businesses Out of Existence

At this point in time, Democrats have essentially declared war on small businesses. Thanks to shutdowns in 2020, many small businesses were forced to close their doors for good. Democrats, meanwhile, undermined the severity of this and claimed that their pseudo-science “saved lives.” 

Now, in 2021, Democrats are looking to drive even more small businesses out of existence by paying folks to stay unemployed. In the case of the California governor, he’s already facing a recall for his poor leadership of the Golden State; however, this is having no impact on Newsom’s choice to stand behind anti-jobs policies. 

Many Americans who were able to do so have begun leaving California. The high taxes, extreme rates of homelessness, and Newsom’s botched job of handling coronavirus are just a few reasons why. Small business owners may also do well to leave California and set up shop in a red state. 

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