Shocking: Two Officers Gunned Down by Mississippi Mother

On Thursday morning, a woman shot and killed two Mississippi officers in the parking lot of a Motel 6 in Bay St. Louis. The woman also died from a gunshot wound to her abdomen during the fateful incident.

Woman Fatally Shoots Cops

The woman’s identity has been revealed to be 43-year-old veterinarian Amy Brogdon Anderson, who resides in Ocean Springs with her children.

It’s said that she began shooting at the officers after they called for child protective services inside her car while her 10-year-old watched.

As per Bay St. Louis authorities, Anderson, who didn’t have a criminal record and was well-liked in the town, spent 30 minutes talking with Sgt. Steven Robin, 34, and officer Branden Estorffe, 23, before breaking down and opening fire.

Robin was declared dead at the site, while Estorffe was transported to Gulfport’s Memorial Hospital, where he subsequently died.

Anderson was discovered fatally wounded in the chest.

Authorities believe the unhappy mother shot herself in the chest; however, one of the cops also fired a single shot. Because of this, an examination of her body will confirm if she was killed by one of the officers or by self-inflicted injury.

According to reports, Anderson’s daughter was not harmed during the shooting. Her identity will not be released.

At a Thursday morning media briefing, Bay St. Louis Police Chief Toby Schwartz stated two of their best cops were killed in the city of Bay St. Louis.

He went on to say that they are accumulating evidence and will conduct a comprehensive inquiry into the incident.

He explained he was not going to debate the intricacies of the tragic event, but would rather celebrate two heroes who lost their lives for the greater welfare of society and in the line of duty.

Before Thursday’s escalation, law enforcement officers reportedly approached Anderson for a welfare payment.¬†According to Bay St. Louis Mayor Mike Favre, a memorial for the dead officers will be held on Thursday at 6 p.m.

Favre stated this is a really tragic event; their prayers and condolences go out to the loved ones of their fallen brothers.

Details of what led to the fateful events have not yet been made clear; although based on her Facebook page, Anderson seemed happy and had just begun working at the 24-hour vet clinic, MedVet Mobile, as a crisis veterinarian specializing in small animals.

Her social media was also full of photographs of her children, dogs, travels, and states that she is “single.”

Cops Require Support

Despite the general attitude towards law enforcement demanding that they be defunded, something like this reminds us cops are people too.

Their lives are in danger every day while they strive to protect innocent American civilians. It’s certainly time for us to back the blue.