Shelley Luther Now Running for Texas Senate

"Grimes County Courthouse, Anderson, Texa" (CC BY 2.0) by Patrick Feller

Earlier this year, Dallas salon owner Shelley Luther made national headlines. Luther reopened her business, despite lockdown orders from the government, in order to ensure that her employees could feed themselves and their families.
Despite legal apprehension and a judge ordering Luther to apologize, she stood her ground, maintaining her refusal not to shut down her business, Salon A La Mode. Luther would later be put in prison, yet subsequently released days later, following mass public outcries and intervention from Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton.

Now, months later, Luther is running for Texas Senate, confirms Washington Examiner. The salon owner’s run for office comes after her speaking out against lockdowns, infringements upon businesses, and forced masking orders.

A Closer Look at Shelley Luther’s Run for Texas Senate

In a press release, Luther vows to “fight for Senate District 30” and work in favor of the community, rather than with “Austin insiders” who seek control over all else.
The Texas Senate candidate also references her battle with the government attempting to shut down Salon A La Mode. In doing so, Luther maintains that working on behalf of Texans and pushing back against a government that threatens lives and livelihoods is imperative.
Since the infamous showdown with the Texas government and Judge Eric Moye, Luther remains politically active. Her run for Texas Senate has also already received several endorsements from prominent conservatives.

The COVID-19 Culture War

Luther’s rise to fame and now ongoing Texas Senate run marks a new point in the coronavirus culture war.
The methods being championed and employed by the government have set off a series of conversations throughout the nation. Like Luther, many Americans take issues with localities and states demanding that people shut down their businesses.

Individuals who take issue with this are also likely to oppose mandatory face masks. Luther herself has donned face coverings on multiple occasions; however, she has also spoken out via social media against the government demanding that people wear face masks.
Texas Governor Greg Abbott (R) came under fire from his own party for shutting down businesses and implementing a statewide mask mandate. Thus far, the Texas governor has not publically commented on Luther’s campaign for state Senate.
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