Senate Republicans Share Update on Meeting with Biden

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One of the top priorities of the Biden administration is to pass a coronavirus relief package now. The current package that Biden and congressional Democrats have agreed upon comes to the tune of $1.9 trillion dollars; Republicans in Congress, on the other hand, argue that Biden’s spending package could be cleaned up and made to be more effective.

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The 46th president has come under fire for speaking of bipartisanship, but failing to act upon it. Hence, Biden sat down with a group of ten Senate Republicans yesterday to discuss the ins and outs of a spending package; namely, the 46th president heard the concerns of Senate Republicans and the changes they’d like to see to the legislation.
The ten congressional GOP members who met with Biden on Monday have since spoken out about the gathering, Washington Examiner confirms.

The Meeting Between Biden and Senate Republicans

After the meeting with the 46th president, GOP Senate members addressed the press accordingly, Per Sen. Susan Collins’ own admission, she and her colleagues’ sit-down with Biden was “a very good exchange” of thoughts; however, the moderate Republican also explained that Senate members didn’t reach an agreement with Biden regarding the COVID-19 relief package.

Collins did, however, provide additional insight into seeds planted by yesterday’s meeting. The Republican informed members of the press that both the 46th president and Senate GOP members agreed to “follow up” via their staff regarding the contents of a spending package for the nation.
Republicans also pitched to Biden a $600 billion dollar package that would focus on targeted relief, creation and distribution of the COVID-19 vaccine, and targeted stimulus payments.

A Statement from the Biden White House

After Biden’s meeting with congressional Republicans, press secretary Jen Psaki also released a statement on behalf of the White House.
Psaki noted that despite “areas of agreement” between the two parties, Biden is pushing for an urgent, bold package from Congress. The 46th president also maintains that the package pitched to him from Republicans fails to address certain matters that he and congressional Democrats view as important.

Congressional Democrats, meanwhile, are confident that they have the necessary votes to pass the $1.9 trillion dollar package, even if Republicans aren’t on board.
What do you think about yesterday’s meeting between Biden and Senate Republicans? Do you believe it will result in a new relief package than the one worth $1.9 trillion? Let us know in the comments section below.