Senate Races Marred by Rumors, Uncertainties

"American Flag" (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Timo Kohlenberg

While the 2020 presidential election retains the national spotlight, the races for the House of Representatives and Senate are also important. Congressional races matter and they impact which party has control and how Americans are represented.
Right now, Republicans have control over the Senate; although, whether or not they keep this control will be impacted by how Americans vote.

At this time, there also appears to be some ambiguity about the GOP’s likelihood of keeping the Senate within their own control. House Republicans, on the other hand, are working overtime to win back the lower congressional chamber and send Nancy Pelosi packing.
The latest and breaking from Fox News shines light on the various uncertainties and rumors surrounding the races for Senate seats.

The Complications with Keeping the Senate Under Republican Control

The Senate’s likelihood of remaining under the GOP’s control varies, depending upon who is asked. Some folks are confident that conservatives will ultimately prevail or even expand their already-existing majority; meanwhile, others aren’t so sure.
Reports have surfaced claiming that President Trump himself has doubts about whether Republicans can keep the Senate. While the president has yet to openly confirm or deny these reports, they’re very much out there. In a nutshell, the story asserts that Trump does not support all the GOP candidates currently running for Senate.
The president is furthermore quoted as describing the Senate race as a “very tough” one. Trump also allegedly claimed that he “can’t really get involved in” a few races involving certain prospective senators.

Pushback Against the Reports

The National Republican Senatorial Committee is pushing back against the aforementioned rumors about Trump and underway Senate races.
Through a spokesperson, the committee professed that “a great partnership” exists between the president and GOP Senate. Moreover, the National Republican Senatorial Committee explained that if the upper congressional chamber falls under Democrats’ control, it will become a “liberal nightmare” like the House of Representatives.

Talk about the Senate arrives as the body prepares for a Monday confirmation vote on Amy Coney Barrett for Supreme Court. Republican senators maintain that they plan to vote in favor of Trump’s nominee and thus fill the presently vacant seat on the court.
Do you believe the rumors about President Trump not supporting certain GOP candidates for Senate? Will Republicans keep the Senate under their control? Share your thoughts and predictions in the comments section below!