Senate GOP Under Fire for Voting Against $2,000 Stimulus Payments

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A fair amount of Americans on both sides of the aisle are in agreement that stimulus checks should be $2,000 rather than $600. This consensus arrives after the recent success of a COVID-19 relief package involving checks of the latter amount; although President Trump ultimately signed the stimulus bill, he called upon Congress to increase the payment of the checks to $2,000.

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This has proven to be challenging. In Congress, there are some Republicans who take issue with more than tripling the original amount of funds included in stimulus payments. While the Democrat-controlled House of Representatives voted in favor of $2,000 stimulus checks, the GOP-controlled Senate did not.
Since this vote, Republicans in the Senate have come under fire from President Trump and others, confirms Breitbart News.

A Tough Position for Senate Republicans

GOP Senate members who voted against $2,000 stimulus checks had their reasons.
Some cited the fiscal dangers of adding $494 billion to a stimulus package already containing $900 billion; others pointed out that eligibility for $2,000 stimulus payments was not specific enough.
This means that had Senate Republicans voted in favor of these checks yesterday, any American making less than $75,000, rather than the Americans who are truly struggling, would have received $2,000.
President Trump has come out and stated that Senate Republicans blocking $2,000 stimulus checks have a “death wish.” Furthermore, the commander-in-chief called for an “ASAP” approval of the aforementioned stimulus payments along with the elimination of Section 230, a protection enjoyed by many social media companies.

$600 Stimulus Payments

Time will determine whether or not $2,000 stimulus checks ever receive the necessary congressional approval to pass. However, in the meantime, $600 stimulus payments are on their way to Americans. Some Tuesday reports indicated that money may have arrived in people’s bank accounts as soon as last night.

Many opposers of $2,000 stimulus payments have championed reopening the economy. This approach is largely viewed as an alternative to the government spending multiple billions and trillions of dollars in money that it simply does not have. Some Republicans have also pointed out that adding to the national debt only creates long term harm for the nation and its citizens.
Do you believe that Senate Republicans should have voted for $2,000 stimulus checks? Do you think payments of this amount will ever get the needed congressional approval to pass? Be sure to let us know what you think about the GOP’s vote and increased payments in the comments section below.