Senate GOP Leader Pushes Back on Unlimited Unemployment Benefits

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There is no debate that Americans need to get back to work. Getting people back into the workforce will benefit both these individuals and the businesses that require their labor; unfortunately, though, many Americans are still sitting in their homes. 

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Instead of working, people across the country are getting paid by the government to just stay home. This isn’t sustainable or good for economic recovery; it’s why Florida has restored requirements for individuals on unemployment assistance to show proof that they are actively seeking work. 

On Monday, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell spoke on the congressional floor about the now adverse impacts that unlimited unemployment benefits are having on America, per Washington Examiner

McConnell on How Unemployment Assistance has Backfired

Unemployment assistance is designed to throw dire people in need a lifeline; it was never designed to be an ongoing, indefinite form of income. Unfortunately, this is what it’s turned into and now the economy is suffering as a result. 

Leader McConnell pointed this out yesterday when he spoke on the Senate floor. The Kentucky Republican explained that he spoke with business owners in his home state who are having trouble hiring workers; the Senate Minority Leader later blasted the Biden administration for approving unemployment benefits that don’t expire until close to September 2021. 

This, on top of last month’s dismal jobs reports, led to McConnell’s other point. The Senate Minority Leader explained that with ongoing unemployment assistance, the federal government is essentially paying folks not to work. Finally, McConnell condemned the notion of taxing U.S. citizens just to give benefits to people staying home anyway. 

The Rebuttal from Democrats

As to be expected, Democrat leaders in Congress wasted no time pushing back against Leader McConnell.

Dick Durbin, the Senate Majority Whip, also spoke on the congressional floor yesterday. Durbin opined that ongoing unemployment benefits are not what’s keeping Americans from working; instead, the Illinois Democrat attributed the documented labor shortage to fear of COVID-19. 

The Senate Majority Whip also made a point to downplay the horrific jobs report from April 2021. It is more than apparent that Democrats aim to keep the public on unemployment benefits, and therefore dependent on government, for as long as possible. 

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