Security Threat: FBI Launches Investigation Into Phony Text Messages Sent to House Republicans

The political climate in the United States seemingly gets more and more hostile with each passing day. Many lawmakers and other politicians have found themselves on the receiving ends of said hostility, mainly from those who disagree with their fiscal and social views.

In fact, as of recently, the FBI has begun investigating a series of bogus text messages which were sent to GOP House members, according to Townhall.

An Overview of the Phony Text Messages

At this point in time, this investigation is still fairly new. Although underway, there are many unknown factors or details which have yet to become public. For instance, the reasons, motivations, and identity of the person behind the text message to House Republicans still serve as mysteries.

However, there are some details which have been made public. First and foremost, the person who sent the messages presented themselves as Alyssa Farah, the press secretary of Vice President Mike Pence. Furthermore, throughout the texts, the poser inquired about the specific locations of various lawmakers. Multiple Republicans in the House received these messages; however, only one person responded to the messages which were sent to them.

A spokesperson for a House Representative who received the phony texts released the following public statement:

“For months, we have referred these hoaxes to law enforcement, but only recently has there been a renewed interest to address the issue. Congressman Kinzinger is eager to cooperate with law enforcement as they see fit.”

At this time, the White House has blocked the number which was used to contact various GOP Representatives.


Who do you think is behind the phony text messages which were sent to House Republicans? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.

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