Secret Service Keeping Critical Details About Biden’s Whereabouts Under Wraps

Joe Biden and his family are under quite a microscope these days. Right now, the House Oversight Committee is leaving no stone unturned in its work to discover the extent of the Biden family’s corruption.

So far, it’s not looking very good.

The committee’s findings have determined that Biden and his relatives extensively benefited from his time as vice president. They’re alleged to have created multiple LLCs and taken millions of dollars from foreign nationals in the business world.

Now, as Republicans continue working to get to the bottom of what transpired, they’re being hit with obstruction from Secret Service, according to the Gateway Pundit.

This Could Be a Problem

Right now, Secret Service stands accused of intentionally concealing Biden’s visitor logs from his home in Delaware. As the agency is tasked with watching the president’s every move and keeping him safe, they’re very well aware of who’s been over to see him.

Nevertheless, for reasons that are of interest to congressional lawmakers investigating Biden, Secret Service isn’t cooperating with the House Oversight Committee’s request for these documents.

It’s worth noting that Secret Service’s lack of cooperation follows the Biden White House initially lying and saying there actually weren’t any visitor logs to be handed over.

Why Won’t Secret Service Hand Over the Logs?

At this point, there are many different reasons why Secret Service could be refusing to hand over visitor logs to the House Oversight Committee. However, none of these reasons are good.

There’s one possibility that whatever names are on the logs could implicate Biden or his relatives in further corruption. There’s also the chance that Biden, someone in his family, or someone working for him has ordered Secret Service not to hand over these records.

Either way, this is wrong. House Republicans may barely have scratched the service when it comes to the true extent of Biden’s corruption.

This article appeared in New Vision News and has been published here with permission.