Second Hassan Staffer Allegedly Helped Aide Steal Massive Amounts Of Senate Data


New developments have shed light on political corruption and the extents to which Democrats will go in order to target those who they view as threats.

Jackson Cosko, a now former Senate IT aid for Democrat Maggie Hassan, stole private, critical information and weaponized it in order to dox GOPers during the time of the Brett Kavanaugh confirmation hearing, reports The Daily Caller News Foundation.

Everything You Need to Know

It appears as though Cosko did not act alone in the theft of such critical data. The former IT Senate aid had help from his own assistant at the time,┬áSamantha DeForest-Davis. Davis is said to have aided Cosko in obtaining access to the areas where the data was stored and then removing evidence of what he’d done. The data in question includes various documents, Social Security numbers, credit numbers, and Hassan’s whole network drive.

At this time, both parties are under investigation, although Cosko recently pled guilty to the charges against him. The charges essentially include “an extraordinarily extensive data-theft scheme, copying entire network drives, sorting and organizing sensitive data, and exploring ways to use that data to his benefit.”

Cosko furthermore admitted to publishing information about Republican senators on Wikipedia out of anger. Thus far, his lawyer maintains that drug use impacted Cosko’s conduct, although the evidence shows that his actions were premeditated and meticulously carried out.

When They Go Low…

Cosko’s theft of critical information and decision to publicize data about various Republicans truly speaks to the nature of the Democrats. Those on the left-wing love to pretend as if they are somehow morally superior to the GOP, but this couldn’t be further from the truth.

The truth is that Democrats will go to any means which they believe will give them an advantage over their opponents. This has been proven time and time again.


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