Seattle Democrats Cannot Come to Terms with Rampant Homeless Crime

There was a stabbing attack, a vicious attack on a senior citizen strolling his dog happen. A woman who was seven months pregnant was raped. Over 200 times, garbage, stones, and steel were thrown at drivers traveling to work from motorway walkways…and then there are the brawls and overdose cases.

The impoverished in Seattle has become increasingly hostile, violent, and lethal in recent months. They’ve not only taken over municipal parks and roads, but they’ve also terrorized Seattle residents.

The Silence From Liberal Leadership is Shocking

Local liberal leaders are also deafeningly quiet. This climate was fostered by their inactivity on the homeless and philosophical resistance to sweeps.

The destitute have taken over City Hall Park, which is situated near the courthouse in downtown Seattle. It’s a makeshift encampment that looks like a refugee center or something else out of a third world nation.

The area has been overrun by dozens of camps; there is rubbish underfoot and the odor of human waste pervades the atmosphere for city blocks. It’s the most deadly park in Seattle. However, courthouse authorities’ demands and pleas to clear the area have gone unnoticed.

City Leaders Have Made No Effort to Fix the Issue

Sweeps, according to the Seattle Town Council and community politicians, lack empathy. Local politicians have just about totally stopped sweeps, citing the COVID outbreak as justification. The destitute, on the other hand, aren’t just harming themselves; they’re also hurting the locals.

Clint James Jory, a destitute 35-year-old male, was freed from prison on July 23rd after completing a 21-month term for a bunch of unrelated crimes against women. He went back at it six days later.

Prosecutors claim Jory decided to enter the courthouse through the 4th Street entrance because the main gate on 3rd has been shut due to the proximity to the homeless camp, which is considered too dangerous. He crept into the women’s restroom, stripped down to his underwear, and searched for a target.

According to legal documents, Jory viciously beat a pregnant mother who entered the house. Jory allegedly put his hands around her face and neck while wearing his pants about his ankles and tried to assault her.

Despite this, the woman continued to yell for assistance. Fortunately, a King County Sheriff’s Deputy who happened to be passing by the lavatory came to the woman’s rescue, yanking Jory away from her.

During the course of the inquiry, police say Jory admitted but maintained it was consenting, claiming that ladies couldn’t withstand his “meth energy.” He approached a policewoman for sex at the police precinct.

Since Jory is destitute, the event brought attention to the hazards posed by the homeless community that congregates near and around the courts.