Sean Hannity Slams "Extreme" and "Radical" 2020 Democrat Candidates

The radicalism of the 2020 Democrat candidates continues to become more and more apparent as time goes on.
Last night, Fox News anchor Sean Hannity discussed this matter on his nightly show and addressed the impacts which left-wing radicalism will have on the country.

Reviewing Hannity’s Take on Radical Democrat Candidates

Over the past few weeks, Democrats who hope to take on President Trump have championed very radically far-left policies, even by their own standards. These policies include, but are certainly not limited to, Medicare-for-All, reparations, the Green New Deal, taxing stocks and bonds in order to eliminate student debt, and abolishing Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).
What the left-wing doesn’t seem to understand is that radical leftism is not a winning strategy, nor does it align with where most Americans stand politically.
Hannity expressed these thoughts and more in the following statements last night:

“2020 Democrats are ramping up their radicalism. They want to be the most radical. Let me be clear, what we’re witnessing from this new extreme socialist Democratic Party, this is beyond socialism even, it is unhinged. It is beyond impractical. It is divisive and destructive to the country.”

Hannity furthermore stated that the Democrat candidates of today are further to the left than even Obama was.

The Flaws of Left-Wing Extremism

The major flaw of grand promises from the left-wing is that they sound good, but don’t hold water in reality. Who wouldn’t want a ton of free services without having to ever pay for them? The dirty little secret that Democrats won’t tell is that American DO wind up paying for “free” healthcare, “free” college, and even the reparations which progressives are now talking about.
There are no free lunches in life and losing more money to taxes so that big government can stick their nose in every aspect of Americans’ lives is not a winning strategy. Democrats have reached a point of being so committed to radicalism that they continue to double down and triple down on astronomically obscene policy proposals instead of stepping back and at least attempting to be a party with the best interests of the American people.
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