Scientists Worldwide Calling for Investigation into COVID Origins

A public letter from a number of globally renowned researchers has been published; this time, it talks about a possible comprehensive examination into the origins of the COVID-19 epidemic by a multinational research team.

The statement also addressed the possibility that the Chinese Communist Party may refuse to participate in such an inquiry.

The World’s Medical Researchers Get Behind the Investigation

The open letter was issued on June 28 by the Paris Group in collaboration with Le Figaro, a French newspaper. The organization consists of 31 world-renowned doctors and researchers from various nations.

COVID-19 has already been rampaging all around the globe for even more than one year, according to the document; however, the pathogen source has yet to be determined.

A report from the World Health Organization’s (WHO) professional team comes after a tour around Wuhan, China, the year after the epidemic; this team is revealed to have used important individuals with blatant potential conflicts of interest, thus generating questions around the world, particularly in Western nations.

The experts feel that perhaps the WHO’s proposed joint study procedure, in its present form, does not meet the criteria for credibility due to major structural problems.

China Has Been Trying to Hide Information

This same public letter confronts China’s effort to try to erase related information, starting with actions taken by the Chinese Communist Party; these actions involve trying to cover up the roots and prevent Chinese specialists from exchanging certain important information and relevant data.

This actually demonstrates that the existing system, without substantial improvements, seems to have no shot of getting in place a full or believable investigation for all potential situations.

According to the statement, it is especially distressing that no comprehensive investigation into all possible origins was already conducted, and none is intended.

Researchers requested new empirical research into all probable origin theories; they also requested unrestricted access to all relevant files, materials, and personnel in China, as well as further if necessary, according to the experts’ letter.

According to the statement, the direction of the inquiry should include the likelihood of the virus escaping from the lab.

If the Chinese leadership refuses to participate, the group proposes creating a global investigative team headed mostly by Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), the G-7 Industrial Countries (G7), or other organizations, without China’s involvement.

According to the statement, a well-organized and concentrated endeavor, free of intervention (relying on all accessible information sources and engaging a huge range of professionals) might end up producing unambiguous proof, backing one specific explanation about the pandemic’s origin.

The notion is driven by the fact that there is enough available data globally to conduct such an investigation.

According to the experts, a large number of highly important details can be gathered without the involvement of Chinese officials. Many public and private scientists throughout the world already have gathered and begun to analyze large amounts of relevant data.