Schumer Attempts to Speak for Senate Republicans

Since the inception of impeachment proceedings, Congressional Democrats have failed to make a case against President Trump. Instead, they’ve been forced to rely upon false accusations, bogus narratives and repeated attempts at manipulation. Only after weeks of hoarding the impeachment papers did Speaker Pelosi finally decide to hand them over to the Senate.

President Trump Departs for Florida by The White House, on Flickr

President Trump Departs for Florida” (Public Domain) by The White House

As the Senate trial plays out, the inherent weakness and flimsiness of the Democrats’ case against President Trump continue to play out. Therefore, the left is now reduced to spreading lies about what’s happening in the upper chamber of Congress, with the hopes that these lies will somehow hurt the president.

This is exactly what Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer did on Thursday while speaking with MSNBC. Breitbart News reports Schumer’s claim that the majority of Republican senators believe that President Trump “did it.” This comes in spite of GOP senators repeatedly speaking out against this impeachment sham which Democrats refuse to let go of.

Reviewing Schumer’s Claim About Senate Republicans

Not only did Schumer allege that GOP senators believe President Trump committed abuse of power, but the Senate Minority Leader also questioned the “courage or strength” of his Republican colleagues.

This has been yet another common tactic of Congressional Democrats who know they’re losing; as leftist lawmakers realize that impeachment is not going to go in the direction they want it to, their attacks on the character of GOP members continue to mount.

Schumer also made sure to claim that only someone “with their head in the sand” or a “totally dishonest” individual wouldn’t believe the House made a strong case against President Trump. In his supposedly righteous indignation, the Senate Minority Leader conveniently declined to mention how House Democrats blocked Republicans in the lower chamber from bringing forth witnesses. Of course, that’s to be expected, given the inherent dishonesty of the impeachment hoax, to begin with.

Later today, the Senate is set to hear more of Democrats’ case for removing Trump from office, including their claims of “high crimes and misdemeanors.”

Where Senate Republicans Really Stand on Impeachment

The GOP has maintained honesty of its stance on impeachment from the jump. Democrats don’t have truth, evidence or facts on their side; moreover, their attempts to remove this president from office predate any phone call that he had with the leader of Ukraine. Back in early 2017, Democrats and leftist pundits were on record talking about impeachment, plotting ways to remove Trump from the White House.

President Trump Departs for Florida by The White House, on Flickr

President Trump Departs for Florida” (Public Domain) by The White House

What Democrats have done is weaponized the impeachment process in order to carry out a political coup. It was a terrible decision and the left will pay the price for it as a party. Schumer, just like Pelosi, Nadler, and other Democrat leaders, is running scared. He knows that Senate Republicans will ultimately and rightfully acquit this president.

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