School Principle in Hot Water Over Racism Accusations

According to an allegation, Paula Lev, the president of the High School for Law and Public Service, is being investigated by the city’s Department of Education. 

This investigation is for reportedly informing a graduate student that she was going to fire all of the white instructors who aren’t doing anything for our public’s students.

As per a petition lodged with the Office of Equal Opportunity, Lev, a Dominican, also requested the graduate students to collude with her to try to expel a Caucasian colleague.

According to the lawsuit, she clearly has it out for whites

In the last week of school, Lev informed the tenured professor that he had been put in excess; this meant he was no longer necessary at the college and should seek employment elsewhere within the DOE.

According to a coworker, he sounded the alarm on her and was made redundant a week after. It’s unclear if Lev was aware of the allegation.

The accusation occurred amid growing anger at the institution; personnel have attributed this anger to Lev’s alleged distortion of current notions of equality and anti-racism, which even the DOE supports and which educators majority endorse.

Discontent with Lev, 39, boiled over in February. During this time, the union local leader, instructor Nick Bacon, submitted a standard complaint about such a schedule problem that might have threatened the entire faculty, according to workers.

Lev questioned Bacon’s intentions next to a half-dozen additional employees

Lev stated that she was unsure of Bacon’s issue with her. Perhaps it’s because she’s a black female and Bacon is a white person?

Staff members were angry that Lev allegedly accused Bacon of being racist because he was expressing their labor problems.

The college’s faculty is multicultural, with around half being white and the other half being Jewish and Greek. The rest is made up of a mix of black, Hispanic, and Asian people.

Bacon’s complaint was eventually settled in the trade union’s favor. Ramirez acknowledged in a conference that what she said was improper.

However, she also noted that it conveyed Lev’s thoughts, and asked Bacon to engage alongside her, according to workers, in an attempt to calm the storm over Lev’s comments.

According to those familiar with the conversation, Lev later admitted to making the comment publicly at a team meeting.

She later admitted that this was done because it ultimately represented her actual views and it should have been communicated to him as an individual.

At the very same moment, they claimed, Lev recommended that Bacon study Robin DiAngelo’s 2018 book White Fragility.

This particular book centers around the notion that it’s difficult for white people to discuss race. The book also claims that white Americans become reactive when confronted with racial injustice.