Sanders: We're Gonna End All Medical Debt in America

Democrats have known for quite some time now that promising freebies is a great way to get support from a certain amount of voters in this country. They’re doing it now by vowing to provide reparations, free monthly checks, free college, free healthcare, and even to end all student loan debt and all medical debt.

The reality is that many of these Democrats don’t even believe everything they’re saying and as far as the ones who do, Americans should be very concerned. Nevertheless, there are many people who view the notion of getting free this and free that as very appealing. Too bad for them that the world and the economy simply don’t work that way.

There’s no such thing as a free lunch in this life, but if you listen to Bernie Sanders, he’s claiming otherwise. On Friday, Sanders traveled to South Carolina and had the audacity to tell the audience there that he’ll erase all medical debt, as documented by Fox News. As you can imagine, the audience ate up all Sanders’ talking points about how cruel and unjust medical debt is.

Reviewing Sanders’ Latest False Promises

Whenever Democrats claim they’re going to “get rid of” debt, whether it’s student loan debt or medical debt, what they really mean is they’re going to redistribute it via higher taxes and force individuals who never took on the debt to pay for it.

That’s not eliminating debt, but merely transferring it. Logically and objectively, there is no way to “get rid of” debt, other than paying it off. The thing is, no one deserves to be on the line for debt which they didn’t personally take on.

Nevertheless, seeing as Sanders is a socialist who wants to get elected this time, he made the grand promises and pulled on the heartstrings of anyone who would listen to him. His statements regarding the supposedly forthcoming end to all medical debt reads as follows:

“We are introducing legislation that would end all medical debt in this country. The bottom line is it is an insane and cruel system, which says to people that they have to go deeply into debt or go bankrupt because of what? Because they came down with cancer or they came down with heart disease or they came down with Alzheimer’s, or whatever.”

The self-proclaimed socialist then went on to demonize the healthcare system, as a whole:

“In the midst of a dysfunctional healthcare system, we have to say to people that you cannot go bankrupt or end up in financial duress. That is cruel and something we’ve gotta handle. This is something that we’re working on and that we will introduce.”

Deception for Political Gain

No one, not even the almighty socialist Sanders can snap his fingers and make medical debt go away. Sanders know this and it doesn’t matter how many “plans” he comes up with; it won’t change the reality. Democrats make all kinds of promises about how they’re going to do this, that and the other, but people have to start using common sense.

Just because Bernie Sanders, Joe Biden, or Elizabeth Warren say something doesn’t mean it’s going to happen. For decades, Democrats have been making grand promises for political gain and every time around, it seems like people fall for it.

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