Sanders Thinks He Can Give Everyone Free Housing

The three leading tiers of the 2020 field of Democrat candidates are freebies, socialism, and hating President Trump. When you break down each of the policies which leftists are branding as bold reform, they ultimately fall into one of the aforementioned categories. While some Americans are able to see through the smoke and mirrors, others have completely fallen for the act. There are truly certain folks who believe that Democrats are going to save them and make everything free.

At this time, Bernie Sanders is one of the leading 2020 presidential candidates. If you listen to Sanders, he’s supposedly going to provide free healthcare and free college. The socialist has also promised voters that he’ll erase student loan debt and medical debt; however, his latest freebie promise pertains to housing. Fox News‘ reports Sanders’ Housing-for-All plan which involves ensuring that every person in America has free housing.

A Closer Look at Housing for All — and Who’s Footing the Bill

Housing-for-All is a vastly unrealistic plan which would cost American taxpayers $2.5 trillion dollars over a ten year time period. Furthermore, Sanders alleges that he will fund this legislation by hiking taxes on “the top one-tenth of one percent of Americans.” This is not new; whenever Democrats come out with massively expensive proposals, taxing wealthy people is always the plan they cite to the public. Sadly for them, you eventually run out of other people’s money.

Following his release of Housing-for-All, Sanders provided a statement which explains why he views his plan as best for the country. An excerpt from his message to the public read as follows:

“For too long the federal government has ignored the extraordinary housing crisis in our country. That will end when I am president. My administration will be looking out for working families and tenants, not the billionaires who control Wall Street.”

Of course, Sanders also couldn’t help taking a cheap shot at President Trump and claiming that Trump is to blame for Americans who are struggling for afford housing.

Why Housing-for-All Will Flop

Housing-for-All will inevitably flop. This is a fact, not an opinion. Let’s be clear: thus far, the Democrats have stated that they’ll increase taxes on the wealthy in order to fund Medicare-for-All, the Green New Deal, tuition-free college, cancellation of student loan debt, cancellation of medical debt and now Housing-for-All.

First of all, taxing the wealthy to pay for programs is nonsensical. Why should people be responsible for funding someone else’s debt, housing, college, and healthcare? Second of all, there’s only so much that Democrats can do with taxing the rich; this is their go-to plan for some reason, yet each of their proposals is set to cost trillions of dollars.

Hitting the wealthy 1% with obscenely high taxes is not the blueprint for success and prosperity in the United States.

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