Sanders Takes on Biden, Hoping to Increase Momentum

With his current standing as the second place candidate amongst Democrat voters, Bernie Sanders is eager to strengthen his lead. He’s already gone up a few points in the most recent polls; however, he is still trailing behind former Vice President Joe Biden.
Sanders took on Biden’s campaign by sending out a particular email to his supporters. In this email, Sanders blasted Biden for the latter’s manner of campaigning, as documented by Fox News.

Reviewing Sanders’ Criticism of Biden

In a nutshell, Sanders maintains that Biden’s fundraising endeavors are lacking the appropriate “grassroots” measures.
The emails to Sanders supporters state that the campaign is in danger of losing ground due to Biden’s “high-dollar functions hosted and attended by corporate lobbyists, health care executives, a Republican casino-CEO, and a union-busting lawyer among others.” Additionally, the emails noted that Biden’s fundraising events raised  “huge sums of money all across the country,” events which are “not grassroots fundraising events.”

Sanders is additionally working to gain more support by hosting his own “grassroots” fundraising events. Thus far, Biden has yet to publically respond to the censure from the Sanders campaign.

The Dynamics of the Democrat Party

Interestingly enough, both Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders represent two staunch splits with the Democrat Party. Biden is the more centrist-like, moderate Democrat who is able to do well and fit in with his party’s establishment. As of now, Biden has managed to maintain his lead in the polls, although other candidates are gradually catching up with him.
Then, on the other hand, you have Bernie Sanders. Sanders definitely represents the more fringe, extreme aspects of the Democrats, aspects which are becoming more mainstream as increasing amounts of Democrats accept radicalism. This newfound acceptance for extremism would explain why Sanders is the second place candidate who continues to steadily move up in the polls.
What do you think about the Democrats’ fundraising campaign events? Does Sanders really care about “grassroots” events, or is he simply looking for any way possible to take out his competition? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section down below!
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