Sanders Spars with Biden Over Beating Trump

The 2020 presidential election continues to get more competitive. Multiple candidates have already dropped out and those who wish to appear on the third debate stage must meet stricter requirements than before. Already, there are multiple 2020 Democrats who will not be making the upcoming debate, due to low polling numbers and/or a lack of individual donors.

Candidates who remain in the running, despite the higher stakes, are facing more and more pressure as well. Biden’s gaffes have already begun to seriously hurt him and he’s taken multiple hits from other Democrats who are eager to win their party’s nomination. Biden’s opponents maintain that beating President Trump in a general election simply isn’t enough. The former vice president has taken this criticism since his team’s attempts to brand him as the most “electable” Democrat.

On Tuesday, Bernie Sanders weighed in on this and offered his own criticism of Biden, according to Breitbart News.

Sanders’ Message to Biden

Biden’s presidential campaign is not as strong as he or his allies would like to believe. Americans have seen that with the former vice president’s plethora of gaffes. His wife didn’t help his cause either when she told Democrat voters to “swallow a little bit” and get behind Biden, even if they believe other candidates are better on reform. Each of these factors have hurt the former vice president in various capacities.

Since Jill Biden’s remarks and the Biden camp’s attempt to push this “most electable” narrative, other Democrat contenders are sharing their own thoughts. A common talking point claims that defeating President Trump shouldn’t be the only objective of the Democrat Party; this is something which Bernie Sanders covered during an interview with a New Hampshire local news station.

In Sanders’ own words:

“I will do everything I can to defeat Donald Trump, and Biden is right. That’s what we’ve got to do…but, and here is the but, I think that’s not enough.  I think certainly what our campaign is about is speaking to the pain that working families in New Hampshire and in Vermont have all over this country.”

Sanders then went on to claim that the 2020 election has to be about “[transforming] this country and [creating] a government and an economy that works for all of us and not just the one percent.”

The Desperation to Beat President Trump

Each and every Democrat in this primary election wants to beat President Trump. This is the ultimate endgame of competing to win the Democrat nomination and subsequently face Trump in the general election. Yet, for all of the left-wing’s talk about defeating the president, their policies simply don’t add up.

If the Democrat Party were truly interested in winning this election, they’d be putting forth reforms that are actually doable. Sanders talks about “transforming’ the economy, but what he really means by that is raising taxes and transferring debt onto individuals who never signed up for it. See, the ultimate problem of the Democrat Party and all their running candidates is the misguided belief that more government is good.

As long as the Democrat Party calls to use government as a tool to interfere with people’s liberties, freedoms, and pursuits of happiness, they will continue to lose one election after the other.

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