Sanders Slams the Democrat Establishment

Bernie Sanders’ standing amongst the Democrats appears to be slipping yet again. Could this potentially be a 2.0 version of 2016 where Sanders was stiffed from securing the Democrat nomination?
Only time will tell.
Presently, the third-place candidate is currently in a battle with the “corporate wing” of Democrats, as documented by Fox News. Sanders recently criticized Warren and the Democrat establishment via Twitter; it’s also worth noting that Sanders’ censure comes as Warren usurped Sanders’ position as the second-place candidate and subsequently knocked him down to his current position.

Everything You Need to Know

On Wednesday, Sanders took to Twitter in response to a report which indicated that Elizabeth Warren is gaining the support of centrists. The self-proclaimed Democratic-socialist stated that Warren’s rise in the polls is due to Democrat corporatism which favors any candidate besides him.
In Sanders’ own words:

As a candidate, Sanders seems to be struggling with winning over centrists. However, Biden, the Democrat frontrunner, is doing considerably well with centrists and moderates, despite the hits which he has taken from various progressives. Sanders may believe that “Medicare-for-All, breaking up big banks, taking on drug companies, and raising wages” is the path to winning the Democrat nomination, but this isn’t panning out all too well for him.

Are Democrats Actively Opposing Sanders 2020?

The issues which Bernie Sanders is currently facing almost serves as a rerun of his experiences during the last Democrat primary election. The DNC infamously awarded Hillary Clinton with a massive amount of superdelegates; months later, Americans would learn via leaked Wikileaks emails that the Democrat establishment intentionally and systemically colluded against Sanders in order to block him from winning the party’s nomination.
At this time, it appears as though Sanders is doomed to meet the same fate yet again. For some reason, Democrats in power seem truly opposed to the idea of Sanders getting anywhere near the United States presidency.
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