Sanders Lands in Hot Water for Treating Wait Staff Poorly

Over the course of Bernie Sanders’ 2020 presidential campaign, he’s chosen to brand himself as a politician who is fighting for the people. Sanders claims that he wants to help working people in America and that he is the one with their best interests at heart. Of course, Sanders’ policies which are supposedly designed to help folks in this country do the exact opposite. The reality is that the 2020 hopeful has never had the moral high ground in politics, despite how much he’s tried to convince the nation otherwise.

Sanders recently landed in hot water due to his poor treatment of wait staffers at the San Francisco-based John’s Grill. Fox News reports that Sanders was impolite to servers at the restaurant, behaved in a standoffish manner, and didn’t want to shake hands or take photos with anyone. Apparently, Sanders behaved so badly that John’s Grill owner John Konstin stated that Sanders “lost” his vote.

What Happened at John’s Grill?

John’s Grill is a restaurant which many Democrats frequent when they’re in town for political events. When Sanders arrived at the bistro, he came at dinner time along with 15 members of his presidential campaign team. The manner in which Sanders treated wait staffers turned out to be off-putting to Konstin, who slammed “cranky Bernie” for being “just hungry” and not wanting to “be a politician.” Ultimately, Konstin was disappointed with the conduct displayed by Sanders.

A media contact for the bistro also provided a statements on the matter:

“Bernie had to be in a terrible mood. Anyone in the public eye needs to understand when it’s time to order room service.”

The Moral of the Story

Far too often, left-wingers are placed on a moral and political pedestal. Democrats have truly done the job of making many Americans believe that they’re on the side of justice and goodness. Then, when a Democrat like Sanders behaviors in a manner which conflicts with the aforementioned narrative, people don’t know what to do.

The type of mood Sanders was in remains unknown, but his behavior didn’t do himself any favors. Knowing when to order room service is a good idea, particularly when you’re a presidential candidate who is not feeling very well.

Part of the job of running for president is to shake people’s hands, smile, take photos, answer questions and so much more. Sanders is one of the oldest Democrats running for office and he may simply not be up to the job anymore.

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