Sanders Doesn't Care about Past Failed Presidential Run…but He Should!

Bernie Sanders has decided to give running for the White House another go, despite his failed run in 2016.
Now some politicians might have reservations about running for office a second time after the first attempt failed; however, Sanders isn’t letting this hold him back in the slightest. As a matter of fact, the 2020 presidential candidate admitted that he has zero worries about his past failed presidential run, reports Fox News.

Everything You Should be Aware of

On Sunday, the self-professed Democratic-socialist interviewed with Meet The Press; during this interview, Sanders expressed confidence in the steps he’s taken since the inception of his political career.
See for yourself:

“We took on the entire Democratic establishment, we took on the DNC, we took on every democratic governor, every democratic mayor. We transformed the party. Four years ago people are not talking about the issues we’re talking about now.”

Sanders furthermore discussed issues which he views as relevant to his current presidential campaign.
See for yourself:

Like many other far-left Democrats, Sanders is supportive of various policies which don’t stand a chance of winning a general election. The asinine policies include, but are sadly not limited to, socialized healthcare, the Green New Deal, and raising the taxes of American workers through the roof. Ironically, Sanders and other radical Democrats like him back these insane proposals, yet profess to care about working-class Americans in the same breath.

Why Should Sanders Care about His Past Failed Presidential Run?

As a general rule, it’s good to learn from one’s mistakes and use them as stepping stools to improve in the future. Unfortunately, this is a feat where Sanders has considerably fallen short. Not only has the self-professed socialist persisted on his current path of extremism, but he failed to realize that far-left policies lack the support from the majority of Americans.
Even if Sanders manages to scrape through the primary election and win his party’s nomination, he will not win a general election.
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